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miniPLAN - designed to give the user a simple way of producing floor plans
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The miniPLAN software application is designed to give the user a simple way of producing floor plans. The
finished drawing is created as a building is measured, without the need to draw up the plans in a later stage
of work such as in a CAD package back in the office.
The basic principles behind miniPLAN are that you sketch your room on the screen, add features such as
doors, windows, staircases, beams etc., then as you are prompted for each measurement, you use a
Bluetooth Disto to take the required distances and then transmit them into miniPLAN.
As the measurements are received miniPLAN resizes the sketch to the correct size. Walls, doors, windows and
other reference points are used to link each room to build up the floor plan and existing CAD drawings can
be imported to control the shape of a building.
Rooms can be drawn in orthogonal mode i.e. with all their walls at right angles to each other, in non-ortho
mode i.e. with their walls at different angles, or by using a combination of the two methods. miniPLAN has
a number of tools available that allow any shape of room to be measured. When more complicated room
shapes are encountered it is often a good idea to get the shape of the room correct before adding the
Make sure you are familiar with the different methods of fixing walls before using miniPLAN to
measure complicated buildings and always take time to consider the best methods to measure a room.
The hinge wall function can be particularly useful when combined with wall bracing when unusual room
shapes are encountered.

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